Going Global – A Uni Experience of a Lifetime 

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Go-Global Program: 

Western Sydney University (WSU) is known for its diverse range of campuses, and the university prides itself on being the most accessible and qualitative learning experience for new and continuing students.  

What most students don’t know, however, is that the university hosts many overseas trips: these can range from short trips such as study tours, or exchange programs.  

Go Global is Western Sydney’s initiative to enrich students learning to the next level; it is an online platform that promotes, highlights, and assists students in travelling overseas, offering deals and exciting opportunities to expand their knowledge.  

Found on the Western Sydney University website, the platform’s simplistic nature and straightforward questions allow users to quickly identify eligible study programs that aid in their learning.  

Most often, these programs are promoted in certain subjects that allow students a chance to develop and immerse themselves further in their current study.  

Surprisingly, however, with such an abundance of travel choices, many students are hesitant to apply to these great opportunities. 

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Many factors contribute to this hesitation – and one factor could be financial constraints. Fortunately, Schools and Universities across Australia can access the OS-HELP plan for funds, which allows domestic students the ability to enjoy other countries without the heavy financial burden.  

OS-HELP is one of Australia’s best government-assisted programs, which allows domestic students grants that can range up to $8,817 (throughout a student’s study, they are eligible for only two grants in their student lifetime). This can be a useful assistance, especially if certain students are attending study tours that directly relate to the subject they are completing or will complete. 

Furthermore, each year, the government provides each university with a certain threshold of grants and scholarships; Western Sydney University predominately uses Colombo grants that range up to $3000. With each passing year, the level of grants and the monetary value fluctuate depending on the government schemes and federal budget. However, WSU has always been able to gain impressive amounts throughout its existence.  

As there is also an option for financial aid for WSU students, so too is there assistance for any student who reaches out to the Go-Global team, as the latter is comprised of the most resourceful and friendly staff.  

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Depending on each program, tutors of those subjects with overseas study opportunities are also able to assist students with deciding whether committing to the study tour is beneficial or not. As such, if students want to expand and initiate new learning experiences, they can ask their tutors for clarifications or book an appointment with one of the Go-Global staff members.  

With infinite amounts of countries and changing cultural aspects, the Go-Global program is one of WSU’s most valuable experiences.  

You can also hear about student stories and read their testimonials on the Go-Global platform: 


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