How to stop being such a perfectionist & just create art


We have all had that mental block that stops us from even getting started. What if it’s not good enough? What if everyone is better than us? What if we mess up? What if we’re a terrible artist?

Stop the negative self-talk! That type of perfectionism will continue if you continue to think like that. Here is some advice, from one creative to another, on how to get past that mental block of perfection and just create art. You’ll get back to loving your artform in no time!

Understand you won’t get perfection on the first try

Your first draft won’t be perfect, so why not give it your all? Do you think any of the greats had a perfect first draft? Give yourself the opportunity to try and fail. You won’t know your limits until you give it a go.

Give yourself no expectations 

As mentioned in the first point, don’t expect a Picasso on your first try. In whatever form it may be in, when you go to create art, approach it as “I am just having a casual creation session”.  If you enter the session thinking “I am going to write the best poem ever written”, of course, you are going to be afraid to put pen to paper! Expect nothing to happen and be pleasantly surprised.

Schedule in create time (with no limitations)

Set out a time every day that is allocated just to your creative endeavours. This not only creates a habit, but it allows you to relax and to be unafraid of being creative. Society tends to think creative avenues are a ‘waste of time’. In allocating an hour a day to your craft, you are able to unlearn this societal belief.

Create purposefully ugly artwork

That’s right, make it ugly on purpose! I want you to sit with that feeling and learn to be okay with making ugly art. (note: I don’t believe that there is a ‘bad’ art, but it is whatever you perceive to be your worst).

Use cheap art supplies and typically ‘childish’ mediums

Tap into your inner child, a time where you didn’t worry about what anyone thought of your art. Use cheap art supplies so that you aren’t afraid of ‘ruining’ them.  They were made to be ruined with. So think and act like a child and play with your art form. There are no rules!

Use prompts 

Are you struggling even to get an idea? Look up some creativity prompts online to help you get started. Sometimes just the idea can be the hardest part. You don’t even have to keep the prompt once you have your creative juices flowing; you can deviate any direction you want.

Katelyn Brunner

Katelyn Brunner

Katelyn is a writer, poet and illustrator studying a Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing)/ Bachelor…

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