HSP review Campbelltown


By Mahmoud Al-Dabbas, Campbelltown Student Campus Council:

Salam brothers and sisters! As part of the Campbelltown Student Campus Council (CSCC) who brought you free HSP during week 1, here is my review of that glorious day!

Signage: N/A

No signage present but considering this was an on-site setup, l decided to not deduct any points. Not to mention the holy presence of the 3 brothers, which had a greater beard-to-hair ratio working tirelessly to prepare the delicacy that is the HSP left no doubt in my mind that the meat was 100% halal.

Greeting: 10/10

“1x HSP coming right up, brother!” this was enough to make me embrace the passion he felt in preparing my snack pack.

Meat: 8/10

As l stared down on my freshly made HSP, l could feel the salivary glands (mostly the submandibular gland) prepping my mouth for the succulent meat l am about to eat. And with every bite, my taste receptors were vigorously activated and the rush of flavour became abundant. But to my disappointment, the lack of bite-sized pieces made the meal difficult to eat and l found myself rolling up the meat as if it was spaghetti.

Chips: 7/10

The chips, while sometimes overlooked, is without a doubt the base – nay, the foundation of every HSP! And while the chips were well salted with the glorious chicken salt, they lacked the golden crunchiness you’d except from any perfectly serve deep-fried potatoes.

Sauce: 8/10

Naturally l ordered The Holy Trinity (garlic sauce, BBQ and chilli) and while the garlic sauce was prepped freshly on-site, it lacked that dominate garlic flavour – the kind of flavour you’d expect anyone with a normal functioning noise to turn away before the air even blows through your larynx. However, the BBQ and chilli sauce made up for this.

Packaging: 10/10

Styrofoam – nuff said.

Overall: 8.6/10

If you missed out on this event, don’t worry! The council is hosting ANOTHER HSP event as part of Multicultural week during week 8. Be sure to check out our Facebook page to stay up-to-date on all the exciting upcoming events we will be hosting!

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