Humans of WSU – Meet Bayan Sohailee

Meet Bayan Sohailee

Name: Bayan Sohailee

 Age: 23

 Studying: Bachelor of International Studies / Bachelor of Social Science/ BALCT

Background: Bayan is a refugee, he fled from Iran with his family when he was six years old. He is ethnically Kurdish and follows the religion of Bahai. As Bayan notes, falling into these two categories means “he drew the short-straw,” as it was impossible to remain in Iran.

He came to Australia in 2007, after first going to a refugee camp in Pakistan. During this time, he faced great hardships including lack of access to nutritious food and clean water. However, he notes he and his family were lucky to be granted permanent residences in Australia.

W’SUP: What does opportunity mean to you?

Bayan:“Being able to participate, having access to university and the programs offered, so we can better ourselves. I think this links to the Australian idea of having a fair go. Even being able to come to Australia as a refugee was an opportunity as was gaining my four degrees. I am thankful that I have had these opportunities.”

W’SUP: What issue are you most passionate about right now?

Bayan:“I am passionate above giving voices to those that were silenced. One day I hope to be a human rights attorney so that I can give a voice to the silenced voices of Kurds back in Iran. Even if I can give a voice back to one person then that would be a success.”

W’SUP: Advice to students?

Bayan: “Try your best to confront your fears and do not be consumed by it. Try your hand at everything that the university has to offer and do your best not to be scared of going outside your comfort zone. I would also recommend that you attend events and meet people outside of your school/discipline. You never know when you may need to speak to a future psychologist, IT specialist, or politician. It makes everything a whole lot easier and faster if you can just speak to a friend you met at university.”

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