Keeping it Raw: Q & A with skuws skater Luke Donnelley


By Naomi Hastings:

When did you start skating? Around the age of 10

What’s your favourite thing about skating? The freedom. Having the ability to express creativity and share a passion that extends along so many different interpretations. 

Where do you like to skate? Anywhere with a surface that feels good to roll on. Preferably a street search for spots, although wherever there’s a crowd a good session is likely. 

Which skater/s inspire you? Anyone that’s true to keeping skateboarding raw, along with all the Australian dudes who are constantly killing it.

Any advice for anyone just beginning to skate? Don’t give up.

IMAGE: Luke Donnelly by Surreal Life Photography

Facebook: Skuws – Skateboarders Western Sydney University

Instagram: @skuws

Naomi Hastings

Chair, Parramatta Student Campus Council

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