Making the most of online study during COVID-19


With a little more time to ourselves in quarantine, we’ve been given the chance to reflect on our pre-Covid lives and how we plan to move forward. Have a think: maybe this is the perfect time to make a lifestyle change, big or small! Here are some things you may consider before you return to daily life:

  1. Your career path or choice of major.

How are you feeling about your course? What about internships? Are your studies preparing you for a future that you’re genuinely excited about? This is the perfect time to reassess your commitment to your course and whether it’s right for you. Don’t be scared to take a leap and consider a more fulfilling path!

  1. Your daily routine.

Are your current habits rewarding you, or are they obstructing you from creating the life you desire? Maybe your sleep schedule is disrupted, or you’ve slacked off with exercise. This is the perfect time to set some new habits and goals… almost like post-Covid resolutions!

  1. Your romantic relationship.

Are you happy with your partner? What are some things you two can work on? Spending time apart (or all your time together in quarantine) will give you plenty of time to reflect on how much joy your relationship is bringing you. Maybe quarantine is a chance for you two to spend some quality time without the pressing demands of daily life.

While these past few months have been a difficult transition, don’t be in too much of a rush for life to revert to normal. There’s lots of things you can do in preparation of a smooth return to uni. Here are some I recommend:

  • Learn new skills: While you continue to study from home, don’t forget to make use of LinkedIn Learning. Free to all Western Sydney students, LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform offering a huge variety of video courses covering every subject from business, technology to photography. It is delivered by experts, making it a great resource to enhance your studies.
  • Student discounts: UNiDAYS has so many discounts and special deals for big retailers like ASOS, the ICONIC, or Apple. There are always extra competitions and activities to participate in as well, so you can put your hard earned money to good use!
  • Stay organised: Collaboration app Notion is free for students! Bring your personal, professional, side gigs all together in one place. You can keep all of your lecture notes, reading materials and assessments organised on this one platform.
  • Enjoy your study breaks with add free music: Did you know can get 50% off Spotify premium? That means no more ads, offline listening and on-demand music! You get all the best parts of Spotify at half the price, just for being a student.
  • Extra online support, that helps! We get free access to 24/7 online study help at WSU, through Studiosity. You can get connected online to real subject specialists anytime, to chat through any tricky study question you have, or you can submit an essay or written assignment for super-fast feedback on how to make it better before your assessment due date.
  • Study some more! No, I’m not joking. Due to the current crisis, TAFE NSW is offering several short courses fee-free. Maybe if you’ve been thinking about a new career path or even just wanting to explore other practical skills and learn new experience within a variety of industries. Go for it!

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