Enjoying the day at the Cabramatta Moon Festival | (Credit: Linda Trieu)

Linda Trieu, a Western Sydney University (WSU) student studying a Bachelor of Screen Media, tells W’SUP News about her experience at the Moon Festival in Cabramatta in 2023, also some of her favourite things about the event, and why this festival is particularly significant for her.

First, what is the Moon Festival?

Falling on the 15th day of the 8th month on the lunar calendar, the Mid-Autumn Festival (also known as the Moon Festival) is an annual event celebrated by East and South-East Asians across the world.

What are some activities that take place there?

Some activities include rides (thrilling and child-friendly), lantern decorating and carnival games.

You’ve been attending since you were a child – what are some of your fondest memories of being there?

Throughout the 10 years that I have been attending the Cabramatta Moon Festival, the majority of my fondest memories are watching the live performances.

I also love how each year, the festival brings different experiences or events, which for me sparks my curiosity; What will they do next year? What food stalls would they invite? Who will they invite to perform?

Enjoying the lantern decorating at Cabramatta Moon Festival (Credit: Linda Trieu)

How do you think the Moon Festival has changed over the years, especially since the pandemic?

When the pandemic hit, a lockdown took place, so festivals, sports and music events were called off until the situation improved. I guess the budget was high before the pandemic occurred. For example, there were 3 different stages with live performances, cooking demonstrations/competitions and kid shows. Now, there is only one major stage.

What are your favourite things to do at the festival?

My favourite things to do at the festival consists of discovering different food stalls and seeing multiple lion dance groups perform lion dances and martial arts demonstrations.

How do you think someone could get involved, who has never been there before?

Towards mid-August, the Fairfield City Council releases the programs that reveal the acts, the food stalls, and an overall map for attendees to see the locations of the stalls and accessibility.

I would probably say just enjoy the day, spend time with family and definitely try some mooncakes!

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