First year at WSU? Here’s what the official guidebooks don’t tell you


You’re starting a fresh year in Western Sydney University and the roundabout you have chosen will give you more than what you asked for. WSU will not be all about academics. You are likely to be overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) by some of the things you will get at Western Sydney Uni. Here are our beginner tips:

Smile! You get free shuttle services

They’re definitely not there to drop you right in front of your doorway. The WSU shuttle services will light up your day probably more often than not, and there will be days when you’ll find yourself experiencing a change in seasons as you wait for shuttle services. Either way, they exist to shuffle you comfortably from campus to train station or thereabouts.

Campus “scenic” tours

You will easily adapt to being a ping-pong if you are from the School of Social Science and Psychology. One week you are at Parramatta (South) campus and the following week at Bankstown campus. Regardless of what you are studying, you are likely to have gained an in-depth knowledge of the western suburbs by the time you graduate.

Look closer at the parking spaces

You got to keep an eye on those parking spaces at the university. Once in a blue moon they’re all yours, and the other days you’ll find yourself scratching your head. Confused? How about scanning through the “parking on campus” leaflet? A little bit of reading and the parking fees may not cost you your lunch.

Student Central approach

You will find yourself in student central almost everyday as a newbie. And with time, you will forget about Student Central and follow the crowd. Until you realise you should have gone to Student Central.

Library is not all about books

A last-minute knock on the library for finals preparation might be a disastrous choice. What was once a spacious library will look like the grounds of Burning Man Festival around exam time. That particular book which used to stand tall in that library shelf at the start of the semester will be missing in action. You will probably end up erasing the idea of studying in the library when you will find yourself dozing off an hour prior to your exam. And somewhere in the corner you can notice lovebirds getting lost in the moment as they look into each other’s eyes.

Oliver Brown feeling

Make sure to check your bank account before you order that hot cup of cappuccino and that mouth-watering brownie. Sometimes, you will find yourself pretending to forget that Oliver Brown exists on campus even though you know your favorite chai latté can only be from there. You’ll sip in water instead.

Your favourite summer hangout

Air-conditioning is the best part of being at Western. Tutorials are something to look forward to during a hot western suburbs summer. You’re unlikely to skip classes when you can be in a cool air-conditioned room and its 45 degrees Celsius everywhere else.

Store next door

A few of you might want to go to the Co-Op store, but the majority of students will probably find their books and other materials online. They do have quite good WSU merchandise though and you can get discounts if you join.

Feeling stressed? Need some direction in life?

You may find yourself booking an appointment with a counsellor when deadlines are nearing. The assessments start pending and the stress levels rise, which leaves you with no choice but to seek help somewhere. The uni counselling service can also be helpful when life throws you some real challenges.


Every now and then events and fests around uni will offer you things for free, like food or small promotional giveaways. Just make sure you get in early.  

Author: Divya Bhusal


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