Parramatta’s set to join the Monopoly Family


Playing board games with family and friends is an age-old past time. And while some games leave you laughing and happy, some just induce rage or has everyone’s competitive side emerge. One such game is Monopoly.

Monopoly allows you to either live out your wealthy landlord fantasy or broke tenant reality. While this controversially beloved board game has many iterations from anime versions, Star Wars and even cities like Sydney and Dubai, another will soon be made.

Monopoly Parramatta has been announced, slated to be on shelves in March 2023. Just as they did with the Penrith edition, the minds behind this edition are calling for locals to have their say as to what should be featured on the board.

“Parramatta has been growing in stature and the area is no longer in the shadows of Sydney. We thought it was about time Parramatta was immortalised and recognised as the amazing city that it is,” a spokesperson said. “All of our regional editions of Monopoly have been amazing successes. Everything from Dubai, San Antonio and Edinburgh have been immortalised. Parramatta is unique and we are sure that this edition will be a much-loved addition in the Monopoly family.”


Parramatta locals can head to their Facebook and Instagram pages to vote or submit their ideas for board locations. Representative from Winning Moves, Dale Hackett is excited for the collaboration with the people of Parramatta and for the newest edition to showcase the great city.

“We encourage people to have their say on the landmarks and attractions they want to see on the board so we can ensure that Parramatta MONOPOLY encapsulates what locals love about the city,” he said.

“This version will be everything you love about the traditional board, with the added fun of fighting for the ownership of familiar locations around Parramatta. Would you prefer to see Parramatta Stadium, Church Street Mall, or Parramatta Park on there – or all of them?! Which location do you think deserves to be Mayfair? Now is the time to let us know and get involved in creating this limited-edition board.”


If Western Sydney University students want to ensure the university makes it onto the game board, head to Monopoly’s Facebook and Instagram to voice it. Along with any other good places that deserve to be showcased onto the board game.

“We are hoping to display everything that makes Parramatta so loved. Everything from the stadium, to parklands, museums and favourite restaurants and cafes should be displayed. We are hoping the public will assist in letting us know what is loved,” a spokesperson said.


The Monopoly: Parramatta edition will be available from March 2023 from leading toy retailers across the region.

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