Poem: Far-away lands, sugar-cane and coconut palms


Far-away lands, sugar-cane and coconut palms

A poem by Navishkar Ram

Photo by Nur Andi Ravsanjani Gusma from Pexels

The suffering of my ancestors is etched in my skin

It follows me no matter how hard I run

It wants to break through

And bloody my body


I’m drenched in blood

Their screams and pain are mine

The remnants of Empire

Islands that are all-green

Ploughed with coarse hands

Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian hands

Scarred with the remnants of a once warm embrace

Sugar-cane and coconut palms

Wafts of tortured souls

Swaying in the breeze

The breath of empty lives moving them seaward

Looking forever towards home

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