poem: Soar High Above

by | Nov 10, 2015 | Culture Vulture

By Aldric Chuah:

Perhaps one day the planets will align

When all the stars in the universe are in place

I will no longer have to wade through time and space

To see your warm effervescent face

There isn’t much I can offer now

My achievements to date aren’t worthy of a bow

In fact some people might say that I’m crude and rude

I hope you will perceive me as just as a normal dude

I will admit I’m not quite perfect

There are valid reasons as to why I wasn’t a high school prefect

I realise that this is all be just pipe dreams

But I yearn and hope that there is much more bursting through the seams


Together we shall soar

Into the sky forever more

And so I ask, like one great dove

Is it me of whom you love?

I shall not move I shall not seek

For you shall see that I am meek

And as you soar high up above

I’ll be waiting for you, please come my love.


I learn from you my one true liege

I yearn for you, I’ll create a siege

For you can teach me noble ways

I envision a future together of such happy days

I cry for now, we soon shall part

As it approaches noon, it shall break my heart

When you are near we’ll make some art

I love you dear, please do not part


IMAGE: Melanie B

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