Poems and artwork: Dream, Thought, Water

by | Oct 1, 2015 | Culture Vulture

By Abel McLennan:


Sometimes in our dreams we are somebody else

But it doesn’t matter

They still counts as memories

Often introducing sweet savour not found in reality




Have you ever seen a wild thing sorry for itself?

No social quota to fulfil

She wanders around freely

Exploring the world and her mind

Fear, is not present here




If I were an animal

The ocean would be my home

The blue depths I would roam,

Taking shape against refractions seeping in from above

Seldom singing out to the ones I love

They’re paths in the distance, sometimes parallel to mine

The deeper I go, the colder it gets

I’ve seen the bottom, it is dark,

But when I emerge

The view across the divide makes its worth

I hold on


ARTWORK and PHOTOS: Abel McLennan


hiker photo small size by Abel McLennan









from the back photo smkall file by Abel McLennan

landscape photo cropped small size by Abel McLennan









bay photo cropped by Abel McLennan


watercolour by Abel McLennan















sketch by Abel McLennan

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