poems and artwork: Look Closer


By Jenan Baltaji:

Close your eyes

Can you see clearer now?

When your head is filled with dreams

And your feet no longer touch the ground

When your heart laughs freely

When there is no longer reality

When chains vanish

Fear is banished

Heart no longer tarnished

Can you see clearer now?


When there are no longer rainy days

And you can see the sun’s rays

Where birds are free

We’ll fly you and me

And find neverland where we’ll live carelessly

Where time stands still,

Imaginary becomes real

Where our secrets fly away

No longer at bay


Where there are no more bad souls

Consuming our happiness

Where the sun breaks through the darkness

No more hungry souls,

Eating at our dream

Where those who once hurt us can’t be seen

Can you see clearer now?

Where the fog is lifted

Our minds have drifted

Where the world would be behind us

The raging fire leaving ashes and dust

As seeing made you blind

Cinder and darkness engulfed your eyes

So just close them

Where a whole new world

is what you will find


IMAGES: Jenan Baltaji


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