Polin’s in the air… Bridgerton Season 3 is upon us!

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Dearest gentle reader of W’SUP, pollen seems to be in the air more so than usual, which can only mean one thing. It is my pleasure to finally review Part 1 of Bridgerton Season 3! Or as I’d like to call it, the season for the wallflowers. But be forewarned, dear reader, if you wish not to be spoiled, please watch Part 1 of Season 3 and resume reading from this point. 

This author was pleased to see representation for the wallflowers and introverted individuals in general through Miss Penelope Featherington, the aptly named Emerald of the Season, and Miss Francesca Bridgerton, the Queen’s Sparkler. How it encapsulated the experiences of being a wallflower being out of their element and soon coming into their own was very much beloved and appreciated.  

How the first half of the season dealt with the friends-to-lovers trope was great, as it portrayed how friends who reciprocate romantic feelings for one another, and finally realise it, the floodgates of emotions burst wide open. Part 1 was indeed captivating, especially by its cliffhanger leaving us thirsty for more, since Colin Bridgerton has finally come to his senses about his true feelings for Miss Penelope. 

However, as much as I would love to give endless kudos to the showrunners, like all human beings, flaws were undoubtedly noticed within and without. This season’s pacing felt oddly rushed as if it were a hare attempting to beat the tortoise, to mayhap be met with disappointment from its overconfidence.  

Netflix’s decision to split the season into 2 parts was unusual, as the season has the same number of episodes as its predecessors. However, in retrospect, it was recognised that a purpose behind this decision was to drag out the hype. Taking this strategy is kind of a gamble, as the story progression in Part 1, dictates how fans would approach anticipating Part 2. From seeing how Part 1 delivered a somewhat satisfying cliffhanger, despite how oxymoronic it may be, Part 2’s prospects for a delicious ending for this season’s leads, may prove to be a success. 

Questions abound as to how Netflix will go about fleshing out Part 2 in a smooth, satisfying manner. How will Colin Bridgerton react when he finds out the truth about his best friend, now fiancé? And how will Cressida Cowper go about attempting to reap the Queen’s 5,000-pound reward for providing evidence as to Lady Whistledown’s identity? 

Only time will tell, as we all await Part 2’s arrival on June 13th

Finally, before ending this review, a message to Netflix… 


Yours Truly, Luci Whistledown (pun intended)

Luci Kugathasan

What’s Your Hot Take? “Book to film/tv-adaptations are always a gamble”

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