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12:35 – And I’m out.

Liz Lemon Flee

The board has returned to closed sessions, discussing content which is commercial in confidence and another issue regarding nominations.

I’ve been kicked out. Not 100% sure if there is any other open items later, but it seems unlikely. I might be back to do this again sometime.

Apparently most of you reading are in the room however – I see at least 5 devices with the live blog open as I leave the room. Thanks guys – feel free to follow us on Facebook to see more of this awesome content!

I know I used the same GIF as Emma. Tina Fey is amazing. Deal with it.

12:26 – Academic Senate Report

Chair of the Academic Senate, Ass. Prof. Paul Wormell is now tabling his report. Apparently the Senate, which deals with all educational programs within the Uni, is focused on new policies and programs, as well as review of existing policy.

Wormell’s term ends at the end of January 2018. The indication is that he may not contest the election, meaning that another member of the academic staff will be elected to the position.

12:22 – Audit and Risk Committee

Galifanakis Math

Audits are a thing. Apparently it was all clear this year.

As a non-maths person, I’m probably downplaying the importance of this. If you understand maths, feel free to tell me so in the comments. Soz, not soz.

And like that, it’s over.

12:15 – Finance reaches a impasse

It appears that members of the Board are at loggerheads.

Some see to be strongly in favour of the proposal, but others seem troubled by the financial incentives that underpin the deal. Shareholder profits still appear to be the point of contention, with at least one Board member noting they think the deal indicates a creep of corporate interests into the sector.

A final vote passes the proposal.

Baby Sleep

11:51 – Finance and Investment Committee

We start with the holla dollars. Apparently the Annual Report was approved as part of this morning’s closed session.

Chair of the Committee, Genevieve Gregor notes some of the financial decisions made by the Committee.

One of the Board members notes that one of the partnerships regarding online education providers will class with the University’s Mission. They say that the partnerships will conflict with the not-for-profit nature of the university, and is providing revenue to the partner’s shareholders.


The Committee notes that other providers of online education that the University has previously partnered with are for-profit.

The discussion appears to have veered more towards the general scope of the Board, in comparison to University Management.

The Vice Chancellor notes that this is geared towards the most significant opportunities for growth, being online students rather than school leavers seeking on campus.

The business case in question is a strategic partnership between the University and Online Education Services (OES), a subsidiary of SEEK. This will apparently create a “viable online presence” that will make the university “viable in the sector.”

DVC Academic, Prof. Denise Kirkpatrick is now speaking to the proposal. Apparently the revenue share, which appears to be causing tension amongst Board members, is competitive, and better than any others on offer.

The OES program will only be used on programs with a high uptake, not smaller programs with 20-50 enrolments annually.

11:50 – Committee Time

The Board has a number of committees which undertake most of its function. They’re now going to report back, including recommendations from their discussion.

11:40 – Science Q&A

One of the board members notes that Science at school is boring, but getting to see practical science and paramedicine activities at Open Day are often highlights.

Another asks about how the Uni can get best value for money in international partnerships. According to the School, opportunities for exchange including short programs are high on the agenda.

The outward exchange program has apparently doubled in size between 2014-15.

A Masters of Aged Care is on the cards. While may not be significant to the University, this apparently will be a massive boost to the sector, and will have massive industry partnership opportunities.

Regarding the shiny new facilities at Parramatta and Campbelltown. They apparently will capture the imagination of potential students, and help make school leavers realise that science is exciting.


11:29 – More Science


We’re still on Science, where Prof. Holt is now noting the school’s research strengths, and its investment in innovation in recent years.

A number of strategic partnerships with international universities are discussed. Many of these are in East Asia, and involve research partnerships alongside opportunities for internships and overseas study.

The School of Science and Health have also thanked the board for their new digs at Parramatta, as well as the facilities for Paramedicine that are under construction at Campbelltown.

In totally unrelated news, I’m running low on Science GIFs. Please send help.

11:18 – First Stop: Science.


Prof. Gregory Holt, Dean of School of Science and Health is presenting a report to the board.
He notes that the School has grown by 7.9% since 2012.

In the postgraduate space, the school is developing a Masters of Science program, following the decision to close a less successful program of the same name several years ago.

In 2017 the BMedSci (Bacelor of Medical Science) has been more successful that anticipated, especially it’s offering at Parramatta.

A Bachelor of Sport Development will commence in 2018, which the School believes fits in a unique space in the market.

11:17 And we’re off.

Welcome to the live-blog of the year’s second Board of Trustee’s meeting. The Board is the highest body in the university, and oversees the strategic direction and overall position of the university. I’m not allowed to take photos, so here is an artistic rendering of the meeting.

Cats Meeting

For comparison’s sake, here I am, ready to give you the low-down on this blog.

Monkey Keyboard


The Board has been meeting in closed session for most of the morning with a scheduled start of 8:30. I can only assume that the members of the board are already ready to go home.

Cowell Sleep

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