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Join our representative as she blogs about the Student Representative Council’s (SRC) happenings; live from their first meeting of 2017.
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7:40 meeting ends! 


7:30 Michael moves that the meeting go in camera. I got “kicked out”, but nicely.


7:13 General Business

Reza discusses scholarships for international students, an international student working party and an international student club. Multiple people offer him support.

Jack discusses iPad and Surface distribution vs. free online textbooks. Oliver suggests more durable devices.


Meeting extended by 5 mins


7:10 Events

Stress Less event will be run by Bankstown SSC (in week 9) and they’d like to link up with other SCCs.


Meeting extended by 10 mins… again


7:07 SRC ensure SRC Meetings are Zoom enabled -Grant

They are going to do thing if everyone likes the thing.


7:02 SRC condemn Q Less (clueless) ‘customer’ focused initiative – Grant

Uni higher-ups treat students as customers, they need to stop treating our degrees like a “Happy Meal of Knowledge” -Grant (which is just the best thing anyone has ever said!)

University told SRC but there was no consultation. They don’t seem to understand what consultation means.


6:58 SRC condemn the University for inadequately back-filling the counselling staff members who left as part of EVRS

Over 200 staff members left the uni last year and vast majority of positions have not been filled. There are only 8 counselors across all campuses!- deferred for discussion/more information.


6:56 SRC discuss the ‘common lunch hour’ campaign – Vanessa

An hour once a week where nothing is scheduled so that students are free to attend events. General feel is that the idea is good but a logistical nightmare. – deferred for discussion at next meeting.


6:55  SRC adopt the draft Social Media Policy and undertake social media training– deferred to flying min


A whole bunch of stuff got moved to flying minutes and there was discussion surrounding extending the meeting by 15 mins. I kind of zoned out at this point because the food was really good #sorrynotsorry


NEW BUSINESS Note: at this point I started eating dinner and lost track for a bit

6:40 Convening of SSAF and engaging The College students


6:31 Report from Manager, Student Representative Council & Student Voice Officer

Key points:

  • Student numbers have dropped and will probably affect current students.
  • The SRC are restructuring, however this has been held up by higher ups.
  • Collectives are now under the care of SR&P. Focus on governance, making purchasing easier and greater focus on equity!
  • LEAD is a thing, although it’s now too late to sign up!


6:23 Rainbow Campus Initiative – Michael

A group of students has formed including students from Queer Collectives. They have created 8 demands:

  1. Make safe spaces safe
  2. Guarantee SSAF for Queer initiatives
  3. ALLY training for all staff
  4. Say goodbye to deadnames (let members of the LGBTQI+ community use their preferred names where legally possible)
  5. Love should always be #unlimited (Pressure the University to publicly support same-sex marriage)
  6. We need to pee (more non-gendered bathrooms!)
  7. Re-staff vital support (get more counselors for all student’s sake!)
  8. Fund Respect.Now.Always.

Queer week is coming! Queer collectives and a bunch of other student groups are as well. This will involve; a day of action, events and much more!


6:18 Now. Always. working party report – Michael

Sexual assault = bad. Lets do something about it! A group has been formed to address this issues. The group have had two meetings with the project manager (paid employee). Group is made up of students from diverse backgrounds and staff.

Sex and consent week looks like it’s happening. Important to combine conversations about pleasure and consent together.

Pru: We are really ahead of the game surrounding this issue.


6:15 Purchase of promo items from last year – Michael and Grant

Promo items drew lots of attention. There’s new stuff and it’s cool! They have a megaphone!

Bankstown did a lucky dip they encouraged students to engage with them, rather than snatch and grab.

SCCs should have bookmarks.


6:11 2016 SRC Student survey results – Michael

Survey was run at the end of last year by the SRC. “Moderately good uptake”. There were about 200 responses.

High priority according to respondents:

  • Student input into SSAF funding
  • Stopping the deregulation of uni fees
  • Food on campus
  • Cheaper learning materials (textbooks), better/safer second hands ones
  • Academic standards


6:04 SSAF priorities – Michael

Be vigilant about SSAF bids that take SSAF from the wrong places. Little to no student input in most of the “overall” SSAF funding decisions. Encourages student reps to get involved in SSAF funding decisions. Students don’t always feel like they get a return on their SSAF fees, particularly at the smaller campuses. Students get a say on about $600,000 of 10 million dollars-ish of the total SSAF pool.


5:58 Reports from the 2016 President, Vice-President (not present) and Secretary

Respect.Now.Always, Rainbow Campus and other initiatives launched or pushed.

Michael (President): tried to link SCCs and SRC, visit and support chairs.

Grant (Secretary): Fantastic to be a part of something that affected change. Was glad to see students rise for the student publications officer (YES GRANT!) and the limited campaign. Moving forward, he’d like to see involvement from other SCCs and more collaboration between student leaders inside and outside of SR&P.


5:51 Report from Academic Senate and other Student Representative bodies of Western Sydney University (Jack)

They passed policy, discussed integrating skills into each course and other things that I didn’t catch, sorry Jack!

Trigger warnings will be discussed at the next meeting (probably?).

Confusion surrounding student representation at senate meetings is highlighted.


5:48 Report from 2016 SRC President (Michael) re: NUS

Attendees discuss happenings from the NUS convention in December 2016. This ended swiftly. Further discussion will occur at the next meeting.


5:30 Office of Sustainability: Helen and Brittney present

They pitch a Lets get to work conference, at cost to students who choose to attend. The conference will showcase soft skills for employment with a focus on green careers and sustainability. “Future careers are gearing towards sustainability”.

Organisers are looking to gauge interest. The event would take place in September at 1PSQ, they need a minimum of 60-70 students to participate (max of 120).


5:27 Election isn’t held?

Gerard becomes President unopposed

Grant becomes Vice-President unopposed

Luke becomes Secretary unopposed


5:16 nominations read

Positions available: President, Vice-President and Secretary

President 0 nominations
Vice-President 2 nominations
Secretary 1 nominations

Gerard removes nomination for VP and nominates for President.



Meeting opens 5:10 


  • Reza
  • Lachlan (counts as two people)
  • Michael
  • Jack
  • Luke
  • Nick
  • Gerard
  • Grant
  • Vanessa
  • Pru (Student Voice Officer)
  • Richard (SR&P manager)
  • Oliver (Observer)
  • Me! (Observer)

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