Resistance Q&A


By Ian Escandor, Campus Organiser, WSU Resistance Club:

When was the Resistance Club established?

The Resistance: Young Socialist Alliance Club has been active on WSU/UWS since the late 90s. Members of the Resistance Club were directly involved in the various notable demonstrations such as the Pauline Hanson High School walk-outs in 1996, the Books Not Bombs protests against the Iraq War in 2003, and the 1999 Bankstown Occupation.

Resistance was formed in 1967 as a university students group protesting the Vietnam War. Over the decades, the club has gone through changes in governance to now affiliating to the national organisation, Socialist Alliance, as its youth wing. At WSU, the Resistance Club is decicated to working with students and staff in building an equitable and just campus free from discrimination.

What events/activities does Resistance run?

Every week, the Resistance runs a stall and holds an open group forum. Through the weekly stalls, we aim to meet with like-minded students and promote any of our upcoming events. Our open group forums are a time where we can meet with our active members to discuss relevant issues and organise particular demonstrations.

Why should people join the club?

Young people — students, young workers and the unemployed — play a vital role in building movements to make fundamental social change. If you believe that there needs to be change in today’s society, Resistance: Young Socialist Alliance seeks to engage, educate and involve young people in getting active to change the world.

Is membership open to all campuses?

Membership is open to the world! But for the sake of the nature of the magazine, yes we are open to all campuses.

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