Skateboarders Western Sydney U: Summer Skate Series


By Naomi Hastings:

In November 2015, the skateboarders’ club at Western Sydney U kicked off its Summer Skate Series with the Parramatta Skateboarding Competition – a free, open for anyone to enter competition, spanning two weekends, attracting a massive amount of sponsorship from various skateboarding and community organisations and participants of all ages from all across NSW. The competition was run in collaboration with Totem Skateboarding, who were fantastic in coordinating the event and deciding the winners of each age category. Funding was generously provided through The Academy at Western Sydney University’s Community Grant.  A big congratulations to Bill Easterbrook who won the Outsider Skateboards $250 cash Best Trick prize for his heelflip down the 9-step stair set at the park.

From the success of this event, Parramatta City Council then provided funding for the Skateboarders’ club to host another large-scale event at the park – the Parramatta Skateboarding Jam on January 31st. Totem Skateboarding again played a key role in the organisation of this event, along with many other sponsors and donators from the wider community. The turnout was even bigger than the first skateboarding competition and even though the weather was hot, there was incredible skating all the way through, making this day really enjoyable. Having professional skateboarder Dean Palmer come along as one of the judges for the event was also a highlight. Well done to Juris Malasenoks, who scored the Outsider Skateboards $250 cash Best Trick prize for his awesome ollie to nose manual down the hubba.

A huge thank you goes to all the sponsors who contributed to the masive pool of prizes on offer at these events. It was a treat being able to award so many skaters with a brand new deck, hardware and clothes. 

IMAGE: Dan Van by Toby Taylor

Naomi Hastings

Chair, Parramatta Student Campus Council

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