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From ex-cult member to smooth rocker, Jon Bryant communicates and reflects his experiences in his upcoming album Cult Classic, May 17 2019, with his leading, smooth and melodic, Ya Ya Ya Ya.

Jon Bryant Press Photos – Photographed by Carly Dame

Imagine… It’s a lovely, cloudy day in Western Sydney. Rain drops begin to pitter patter on your window sill, as the smell of hot chocolate takes over your room. You turn your spotify (or apple music, up to your preference) on to Jon Bryant’s “Ya Ya Ya Ya.” The song sends you into a deep, surreal, trance as you drift off into the melodic voice and tunes of Mr Bryant’s music.

If you like the sounds of Joji, Jon Bryant is another musician you should lend your ears to. Jon Bryant is an up and coming Canadian Artist in the genre of soft rock. Bryant’s music is inspired by the groovy sounds of Bruce Hornsby, The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan. But what makes Bryant stand out the most is his mysterious and intriguing past which he reflects upon in his full length album, Cult Classic.  

Before he stepped into studio, Bryant was a member of undisclosed Cult. In that time, Bryant felt that it was hard to leave due to his love to learn and discover the truth. Bryant. In his own words, felt “transformed and enlightened.”

In the early days of writing the music for this album, I saw myself (and the world around me) through the lens of a cult. It was only until I was involved with one, did I actually realise that they’re interwoven through so much of culture. To be in a cult is to be human Jon Bryant stated in a reflection of his time in the cult.

Jon Bryant Press Photos – Photographed by Carly Dame

It was in 2017, Bryant set his goal to produce Cult Classic, after he settled with Afterlife studios (Vancouver). Jon Bryant currently has 15 million combined streams for top 5 tracks on spotify.

Instead of only composing on guitar, Bryant decided to write with piano, becoming a multi-instrumental artist. Bryant’s sound evoked the imagery of sweeping and soaring cinematic scopes, as he reflect his evolvement and his leaving of this cult. You can listen to Ya Ya Ya Ya here.

Bryant’s story is extremely inspiring and a reminder that no matter what your past is, good or bad, that it’s not the end. You can accomplish anything, if your put your faith in it. Stay tuned for more of Jon Bryant’s excellence, as his upcoming album Cult Classic will be released next month. You can also follow Jon Bryant here for updates on his music and performances on his website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:




Instagram: jonrbryant


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