Some Kind of Paradise


By Brendan Gapper:

Paradise, my arse.

Midnight at the emergency department and the clouds parted to reveal the full moon.  The nurse stubbed out her smoke and headed back inside.  She was supposed to leave hospital grounds to have a cigarette, but she thought “fuck it, 12 hours into a shift that was supposed to end 6 hours ago, fuck the higher ups and their policies.”  A husband and wife had come in with rubber chickens stubbornly stuck up each of their rectums, a basketball team had had their Gatorade spiked with mescaline and were subsequently insane.  A nun was consoling a woman who had eaten 90 hot dogs in an eating competition and still lost.  TV cameras were on hand for a B grade celebrity who had got coked up to the eyeballs and decided to circumcise himself.  The blood was fucking everywhere.  “Full moon” thought the nurse.




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