SRC initiative to provide hygiene essentials for students on campus



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Often spending long hours on campus, accessible hygiene products are critical for students to maintain personal hygiene and well-being. The Student Representative Council (SRC) at Western Sydney University (WSU) recognises the importance of providing access to these facilities.


Dr Sarah Duffy, a senior Lecturer at WSU who specialises in institutional gender equity, recently launched a campaign to distribute free period products on campus.


“By rolling out this initiative, we are helping to relieve the burden for students in a practical, tangible way,” Sarah says in an interview with The Weekender.


The SRC is determined to support this initiative by ensuring free, abundant and easily accessible hygiene and convenience goods are available in male, female, accessible, and gender-neutral restrooms across campus.

Kaitlyn Seymour, a member of the SRC and current Parramatta South Campus Representative, proposed to launch a two-month trial period with an initial budget of $426.00. This trial will make products available across six restrooms at the Parramatta South Campus.

Kaitlyn will oversee the replenishment of supplies, with the assistance of a male-identifying member of the university responsible for storing products in male restrooms. To further that, efforts will be made to source more eco-friendly items wherever possible, and signage will be designed, printed, and displayed to promote this initiative and remind students not to flush hygiene products down toilets.


Even better, the SRC is seeking a resolution to facilitate a more permanent adoption of this program, if the stock depletes before the end of the trial period.

The SRC’s project seeks to provide students with practical support and guarantee that their health and well-being are prioritised on campus. In saying this, the SRC urges all students to participate in this program and take advantage of the hygienic materials offered. Let’s collaborate in building a more inclusive and supportive campus community! If you have any on-campus related issues or concerns you want to raise, reach out to the SRC at

Source:Pixabay | Credit: erickievit

By Bowen Fucile, edited by Samanda Mularachchi

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