SRC welcomes president with a keen focus on student facilities

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Photo – Rameez Parkar


Western Sydney University’s Student Representative Council (SRC) have announced their newly elected president. Rameez Parkar, previously the SRC’s ethnocultural representative, announced his electoral victory through a LinkedIn post on Thursday 7th, July. The change came quickly and without notice, with Parkar replacing Alannah Hader in the role.

Parkar discussed his goals for the SRC and student cohort of Western Sydney University;

“I want to focus on making sure the SRC is functioning as effectively as possible and that the SRC is as transparent with students as possible. I’d really like to get more student engagement with the SRC. During COVID-19 the SRC did advocacy work and were running online events as well. I would like to see the SRC shifting a little bit more towards student advocacy rather than running events.  I do think the SRC’s primary role is to represent students and to advocate for students.”  Parkar says

Parkar has aspirations for the student cohort. The new president has revealed that his role will last until at least December and in that time, he hopes to bring improved student facilities and services.

“Some of the concerns I have heard are about the lack of facilities on campus – for example, food being expensive and there being limited options. It’s also very hard to go get stationary supplies, like notebooks and pens.”

Parkar wants to introduce a new forum for students, the Cross Campus Student Facilities and Services Forum, wherein students are encouraged to air their concerns surrounding services and facilities provided on campus.

“These are just simple but really important issues that I think students will care more about, and I think that in regard to this forum that I am hosting, I would really like as many students to attend as possible. We can’t fight on issues if we don’t know they exist.”

W’SUP will be reporting on this forum at a later date and has furthermore been encouraged by the SRC to keep in contact with their team in the future.



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