Star Wars The Last Jedi


Audiences are very happy with the much anticipated second film from the third trilogy of the Star Wars franchise as they release their eighth film. It has met expectations by following their winning formulae.

The film delivered slick, smooth special effects and well developed characterisation of heroes and villains. The last Jedi, Mark Hamill’s character Luke Skywalker works alongside the new Jedi a compelling strong female character Rose Tico played by Kelly Marie Tran.

Star Wars continues its tradition of inclusivity offering exciting roles to women and actors from diverse cultural backgrounds.

The last Jedi sees the audience following sacrificial heroes grappling with the best way to defeat evil. The rationale for this movie is, you have to save what you love rather than destroy what you hate.

In-jokes gave the audience comic relief as the character’s joke that “the bad guys can’t shoot.” After seven movies the cliché is enjoyable because this is what the audience has come to expect.

The film delivers the thought provoking revelation that war is just about making money for the people who sell arms because the arms dealers sell to both sides.

In sci-fi tradition we are challenged by the timeless questions: Will fear control you? After making a mistake can people change? What is the best way to win a fight? Is it impetuousness or caution? Reminding us “There is a time for caution and a time for action.”

There was also a respectful tribute to Carrie Fischer after her untimely death in December 2016. Finally without giving away the ending: there is hope for the rebellion and certainty of another movie.


Review by Abigail Nash

Abigail Nash

Abigail Nash is a post graduate student who has worked with W'sup on the 2017…

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