STUDENT LEGAL SERVICE: Parking on campus


By Jayd Raffoul – Solicitor, Student Legal Services:

Imagine this, it’s week 3 and you arrive for your 10am class. The car parks are packed and after circling for the hundredth time, you see a line of cars parked on the grass. You can see a free spot on the grass so you head over at the permitted 40km/h. You’re not entirely sure whether you’re allowed to park there; but you’ve been circling for the last half hour and hey, if they can do it why cant you? So you take the chance.

As you’re walking back after class your stomach drops and you see that white paper wedged under your windscreen flapping in the wind. You’re hopeful it is a letter from that cute boy in Stat 101 but life isn’t a romantic comedy. As you move closer you recognise it as one of those wretched parking fines.

Is this situation all a little too familiar for you?

Well then let’s talk about Western Sydney University’s Parking and Traffic policy (Parking Policy) and see if we can avoid that happening. Remember that the rules apply to all campuses, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and if you continually breach the Parking Policy, the University may withdraw your permit!

What are the rules?

Penalties can be given for (but are not limited to):

  1. Parking without a valid permit (this includes displaying an expired parking permit or displaying a permit incorrectly);
  2. Parking in a parking bay contrary to signs and permit allocation;
  3. Not parking a vehicle entirely in a parking spot; and
  4. Parking in a spot that is not a marked parking bay. 

When purchasing an annual or half-year permit, the University iPay receipt can be used as a valid permit for 10 working days from the purchase date. If you use the permit past this time, you may be fined for breaching the Parking Policy.

When you receive your parking permit, make sure it is displayed on your front windscreen. If you happen to lose the permit or it gets damaged, you will need to complete the online Replacement Parking Permit Application Form. However if you lose it twice, you will also need to complete a Statutory Declaration before you get your new permit. If you’re not sure how to write a Statutory Declaration, or need someone to witness it for you, contact Student Legal Services (SLS).

What about motorcycles? 

Those of you riding motorcycles have different rules, especially around displaying permits. When parking your motorcycle, you won’t need to purchase a permit if you are parking in an allocated motorcycle bay. If you are unable to park your bike in a motorcycle bay (for whatever reason), you will have to park in a car spot. This means you will then have to purchase a permit and register it with the on-site Campus and Security Office at these locations:


Bankstown 9772 6444 Bld 10
Campbelltown 4620 3444 Bld 21
Blacktown 9852 4001 Bld C1
Hawkesbury 4570 1361 Bld J9
Parramatta 9685 9169 Bld EA
Parramatta (Westmead) 9685 9749 Bld J
Penrith 4736 0431 (ext. 2431) Bld J, Rm G.01


How to challenge the fine?

If you have received a fine and would like to challenge it, the first step is to request a review through the Office of State Revenue, or SDRO. This can be done online or in writing, and information on both methods can be found of the SDRO website. If you are deciding on challenging this option, contact SLS for advice on how to complete the form and your prospects of success. Remember there are strict time limits for when the form is due; so don’t leave it too late!


Jayd Raffoul – Solicitor, Student Legal Services

Disclaimer: The information is general and should not be relied on as legal advice.

Should you require advice, contact Student Legal Services on 8688 7875 or email

WSU Student Legal Service is a joint venture between Macquarie Legal Centre and WSU. Located at the Parramatta Community Justice Clinic, Parramatta Local Court, it provides advice to currently enrolled WSU students through SSAF funds.

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