Elly Howse on marijuana legalisation, reducing social inequality and Better Call Saul

Elly Howse discusses her stance of the legalisation of marijuana, the Greens, and Better Call Saul....

As the NSW state election draws closer, W’SUP is working to keep students informed about the local pollies who want your votes. We want to inform you about the candidates, what they believe in and what they’ll do for you.

Elly Howse is a 29-year-old public health researcher and political up-and-comer who is running as the Labor candidate for the Greens-held seat of Balmain. On the eve of her campaign launch, Alan Fang sat down with Elly to discuss her stance of the legalisation of marijuana, why the Greens are all style and no substance and why Better Call Saul is better than Breaking Bad.


Find out more about Elly Howse’s campaign here. Check if you’re enrolled to vote in the state election here.