INSIGHT: “Take Me Out” comes in hot as WSU’s new cheeky dating show

Are you looking for love? WSU's new dating show has got you covered!...

Here to fill the “single” void in your quarantine.

WSU’s Campus Life and WSSBS “Take Me Out”. Source: https://www.facebook.com/WSSBS1/

Brought to you by Western Sydney Sports Business Society, the cheeky event “Take Me Out”, based off the hit dating TV show will be coming to WSU students in Spring Semester 2020.


There are many opportunities for dating at WSU; especially with females outnumberingmale students. There is a wide variety of events and student clubs for the socialites, allowing students to be as involved as much as they like – and if that’s not your scene, there’s plenty of local social hideouts for everything you could want. However, if worse comes to worst, “Take Me Out” is accepting EOIs for the show to commence after the exam period.


WSSBS organised the successful Black-Tie Ball event in collaboration with the SRC and WBSOS last September, so it’s no surprise that they are among the hosts of the most popular activities for students at WSU.


“The students demanded it so we will deliver a fun and cheeky date show whereby the contestants can have a great laugh that will provide WSU with some quality entertainment and most importantly, set some sparks amongst couples,” says President of WSSBS Nikodin Matic.


This demand has resulted in an astonishing 32 expressions of interest in less than 24 hours since the initial post went up along with over 80 Facebook comments. WSU students have been encouraged to keep tagging their friends who are single and are ready to mingle, and we encourage expressions from all walks of life, including straight, bisexual and gay individuals. Ideally, the show is seeking a pool of 100 students which will ensure there are enough contestants to host fortnightly events with 3-4 individual contestants.


A couple of Universities have hosted a dating show based on “Take Me Out” throughout Europe, and the events have always sold out. Matic has no doubt that if WSU students give this event a go, they will be back for more and this will be a regular feature of our events calendar.


What is ‘Take Me Out’ about?


A host will guide the format to allow plenty of banter and fun. The original show only has 30 females, and one guy at a time. The WSU version will rotate it fortnightly so that it switches to 30 guys and one girl presenting at a time. Matic explains how the rounds will progress throughout the show as follows;


Round 1

The man enters the stage while busting some moves to a song of his choice where he meets the 30 girls (flirty 30) and says his name and where he is from. The girls can then turn off their lights if they aren’t impressed. “No likey, no lighty!”


Round 2

A pre-recorded video is presented of the man describing his personality and interests in a comedic way. At any point during the video, the girls can turn off their lights once again. “If he is not Mr Right, turn off your light.”

Round 3

The man can then either show a skill, talent or party trick live or a pre-recorded video of his friends or family describing him more. Sometimes the family and friends throw him under the bus for a laugh and a stitch-up while other times they help him out with the ladies.

Round 4

The power is given to the man this round as he gets to turn the lights off the remaining girls until just two are left lit. Alternatively, if only one or two girls are remaining from round 3, then round 4 is skipped entirely.

Round 5 

The host then reveals an interesting fact about one of those two girls, but doesn’t disclose which girl the fact is about The man then turns one light off and takes the girl whose light he left on, out.



The audience will then get an update on how their date went a few weeks later to see if it was a success.


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WSSBS is currently in negotiation with a couple of fabulous restaurants and activity providers to sponsor the event and provide a free date for the lucky couples.

The show will be recorded on zoom and edited and shared to the student cohort if the even has to take place online. Once COVID-19 restrictions ease, the event can take place on campus where WSSBS will organise someone to record and then edit and share the footage online.


If you’re looking for some isolation love, have run out of swipes on Tinder or are just looking for someone to bring to family functions, so relatives stop asking about your love life – it’s a sign you should apply and see what happens. Register your interest to be part of ‘Take Me Out’ here.




Love in the time of Corona

Love finds a way even in the most hopeless of times....
COVID-19 has us cooped up in our homes and isolated from our loved ones. Restaurants are closed and the malls are deserted. It would seem we have lost to an unseen enemy. But love finds a way even in the most hopeless of times. Here are seven date ideas to explore with your boo, bae or significant other and keep the spark alive.


#1. Keep it classy with a candle-lit dinner on Zoom

Missing the fancy, dimly-lit, romantic ambience of a restaurant? We’ve got you covered. Utilise the time in isolation to brush up on your culinary skill. Find a recipe you both like and get cooking. Update your partner in real time so it feels like they are right there with you. Top off the dish with a good selection of drinks and have Spotify serenade you as you feast.

As a cherry on top, dress up in that black suit/gown that has been collecting dust awaiting a special occasion. Good food, fantastic music and top notch fashion – you have got yourself the five-star treatment.

But if all you can manage is the same old two minute ramenin your sweats, go for it. Your love alone will make this dish extra tasty.


#2. Re-create the cinema with Netflix party

Netflix party is a Google Chrome extension that lets you sync up your movie viewing experience. Netflix made it for friends to chill in a chatroom and watch movies but no reason it cannot be your post-dinner rom-com essential.

Install Netflix party from their official website and add it to Chrome as an extension. Select a movie from Netflix and click the “NP” button next to the address bar. You can send the link of the party to your partner and allow them access so that they too can pause/start and tweak the viewing at their discretion.

Recreate those unpredictable bathroom breaks and random snack cravings and let them know that you wish you were sharing the dip with them. Don’t let the ‘rona stop you cinephiles!


#3. Hop on a (virtual) tour around the world

Planning a trip takes ages. Saving for it takes even longer. Just when you have battled time and finances to book that trip to Europe, the pandemic makes travelling to the local grocery store a luxury.

But we have found the next best thing with virtual tours of the most alluring overseas destinations. If you’re feeling artsy then get to the Louvre or the British Museum.

Missing furry friends? Make sure you say hello to the dolphins at the National Aquarium at Baltimore.

If you are in the mood to relive your childhood magic, we have scored some tickets to Disney World at various American tourist hotspots too.


#4. Lets’ get physical and work out together

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. As the isolation blues kick in, stretch those muscles and get the dopamine flowing.

Make your partner your workout buddy. Wake each other up early and turn on the webcam. Put on the hottest tracks to get your blood flowing.

Just do light exercises and stretches so that injuries can be avoided. The goal is to get energised not fatigued.

If you feel like it, top it off with a meditation session because your mental health is just as important as your physical health.


#5. Let the games begin with online game night

If the government is telling us to stay at home then we have more of a reason than ever to indulge in our favourite video games, right?

For those with a Nintendo Switch, the game Animal Crossing provides the most wholesome couple experiences. Build up your island, trade with your partner and go on dates under the starry night.

You could go on an adventure on Minecraft or just get competitive on FIFA. But if you just want some good old board games online then there are plenty of options available.    

#6. Give in to the TikTok madness

You have probably seen the trends. You have definitely had an opinion. Whether you hate it or love it, you definitely cannot escape it. Yes, it is the increasingly popular social media platform TikTok.

TikTok is an excellent platform to collaborate and take part in the hundreds of couple trends that go on. You can #FlipTheSwitch to be silly or get fit with the #PlankChallenge.

Maybe this lockdown will make you the next big TikTok star – or just get creative and improvise scenarios to the adulation of new-found fans. Just download it from Google Play or your App Store and enter the vortex that is TikTok.

#7. Look back with a shared Instagram page 

This is the perfect time to open a joint Instagram account. As cheesy as it sounds, Instagram posts are an amazing way to journal your days in lockdown.

Post a screenshot of your zoom date. Put up your dishes in the stories. Link your TikTok shenanigans to IGTV. Upload covers of the books you are reading. Just journal your days and look back when this is over and we’re all breathing the fresh summer air.

If you’ve braved the isolation and the distance and come out stronger together, you’re prepared to weather any storm together.