Gami Chicken – now in Penrith!

Gami Chicken, a newcomer in Penrith's dining scene, delights locals with its superb Korean cuisine and hospitality, creating a warm community hub....

(Pictured: The facade of Gami Chicken’s new branch in Penrith located in the Nepean Shopping village) 

Korean cuisine is relatively new to Penrith and as such, Gami inherently stands out from the crowd. While Gami is known for its fried chicken, it also offers a range of grilled chicken dishes and more traditional Korean dishes such as its Bibimbap and Beef Bulgogi. 

At the helm of this establishment are Western Sydney locals, Anthony and Lolita Java, who have embraced their love for living in such a diverse neighbourhood. For them, visiting their restaurant is a special occasion and not a simple commuter stop. 

Hosting locals for dates, birthday parties, pre-game feeds, or catching up with friends is a lot of fun for us. Many of our customers have become friends; we have even joined them for meals said Anthony.  

(Pictured: The interior of Gami Penrith which follow’s the signature Gami decoration) 

However, things are not always fun and easy. The pair have faced many challenges particularly amidst Sydney’s cost of living crisis. “This has been the most challenging time for hospitality; when discretionary income is low, dining out is the first thing you cut in the household budget,” said Anthony. 

To overcome this, the Java’s have learned the importance of value and ensuring customers receive value for their money. They have done this by engineering their menus to offer more cost-effective options and by ensuring the provision of exceptional service.  

“Our team adheres to the motto that dining is not just about the food—as important as food is. It’s an experience from the time you are greeted at the door, seated, the menu explained, and everything else in between until we say our goodbyes. In other words, we deliver consistently exceptional hospitality alongside the delicious food. It is not uncommon for us to see the same customers three times a week,” said Lolita.  

For aspiring business owners in Western Sydney, Anthony and Lolita offer invaluable insights gleaned from their journey. “Find a business or industry you are passionate about. Otherwise, you will soon realise you have bought yourself a job.” Both advise owning your own business can be lucrative, but not to do it just for the money. 

“You must also be prepared to work ridiculously hard. This may mean working over the weekend, on public holidays, and for long hours. But if you enjoy what you do, it’s not a sacrifice,” said Anthony. 

“And finally, understand the power of community. Everyone you meet and interact with is a potential future customer, whose friends and family become future customers,” said Lolita.  

To those interested in the restaurant, Anthony and Lolita recommend trying their Chicken Corndue, a cheese fondue chicken dish where customers wrap melted cheese around their chicken so it’s both fun and delicious. “It’s a real crowd favourite, and customers can’t help but take their phones out and snap photos,” said Lolita. 

I also had the opportunity to try out some of Gami Chicken’s dishes, and here are my unfiltered thoughts:

Mad Gochujang Chicken – The noodles and tteok were sweet and chewy but had a spicy kick that made things interesting. While cooked chicken completed the dish texturally. Great Overall! 

Unmissable Chicken (Included four variants) 
1. Crispy Original – Tender. Crispy. Couldn’t have asked for more. 

2. Soy Garlic – Perfect if you love garlic. It’s subtle but definitely present. 

3. Sweet Chilli – SOO much better than chicken with store bought sweet chilli sauce. 4. Spicy Red Mayo – Super nice! I just wish it had more mayo. 

Tangy Garden Salad – Talk about variety of greens! This salad didn’t have the strongest dressing, but it really didn’t need to, it made a perfect compliment to the chicken(s). 

Gami Chips – Super crispy and chunky! Exactly how chips should be. (At least in my opinion). 

Chicken Skewers Plate (Included three variants) 
1. Sweet Mustard – Better than regular mustard for sure! 

2. Gochujang – Just as good as the ‘Mad Gochujang Chicken’ 

3. Sweet Chilli – I’d like to steal their sweet chilli sauce recipe. 

Gami Chicken hopes to continue serving Western Sydneysiders with the joys of Korean food and a warm sense of community. This terrific restaurant is in the Nepean Shopping Village, a 15-minute walk from Penrith station, and is a must-try for all interested in Korean cuisine.