Nintendo finally brings Animal Crossing fans everything they’ve been asking for

Nintendo finally brings Animal Crossing fans everything they’ve been asking for W’SUP editor Katelyn Brunner celebrates the end of semester by bin...

Nintendo finally brings Animal Crossing fans everything they’ve been asking for

W’SUP editor Katelyn Brunner celebrates the end of semester by binge-playing the Animal Crossing update.


Image courtesy of Nintendo.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the fifth instalment in the series. The Nintendo Switch game is loved by first time players and old school fans alike. It came out in March 2020 and quickly became everybody’s lockdown comfort game. I know that it kept me sane in lockdown (as did my dogs and the Australia Post van).

However, the lack of content within the game meant a lot of players stopped enjoying the game. This prompted Nintendo decided to release an update that gave the fans everything they wanted. Sadly, this will be the last free update but, there’s plenty to keep players busy.

Here is a no-spoilers update on everything that is in the latest update.

Familiar faces


Brewster and Kapp’n make a comeback in the latest update. If you don’t remember, Brewster was the coffee-loving owl and Kapp’n was the driver of boats and buses in previous series.


Brewster now has an unlockable coffee shop within the museum and Kapp’n takes you on a boat adventure to exclusive mystery islands.


If you paid for the new DLC, you’ll also see some familiar faces from Happy Home Designer series.

New features and old ones re-imagined

Your house is even more customisable than ever before. You can change exteriors even more than before and if you pay for the DLC, you can unlock special features for the interior too, such as dividing walls. You are also allowed to add special items to your ceilings. Majestic Chandelier anyone?


If you felt like you needed more bridges and inclines on your island, then you’re in luck. The maximum number has increased. Design your island to your heart’s extent. The maximum storage has increased

Harv’s island

You may remember Harv’s Island as the place where you can take cool photos with your villagers. But now, he’s opened up his island as a permanent place for travelling merchants. You have to pay Bells to unlock them though! Harriet, the hair-loving poodle, makes a surprise appearance too (and may even unlock new hairstyles).


Diy galore and other cool items

Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley fans will be pleased to know that you can now farm and cook in the latest Animal Crossing update. You need a few supplies before you start but once you get going, you won’t be able to stop. There are also more DIY recipes to account for the cooking function.


New DIY recipes don’t stop at cooking. Expect more furniture DIYs and more furniture and clothing sets in the future. No longer will we have to use the race-car bed to make a drive-in theatre because you can now get actual cars.


Villager interactions

Sadly, there is no hide and seek option like previous games, but there are more villager interactions in this game. They can arrive at your home unexpectedly and can hang out with you. There are also a bunch of brand-new villagers you can get to move into your island.

Have you ever wanted to have coffee with your favourite villager? Well now you can! You can sometimes find them in Brewster’s Café. Or if you have an Amiibo card, you can invite them to your island for a coffee.

Paid DLC

Photo courtesy of Nintendo

Happy Home Paradise is a spinoff game based on Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. In this DLC, you can get a job as a vacation home designer and practice interior design to your hearts content. It will even unlock exclusive features for the base game too. The base game costs $69.00 and the DLC is $37.50 or free with a Nintendo Switch Online Membership Expansion Pack.


Most importantly: the froggy chair

The Almighty Froggy Chair

Courtesy of ‘Know Your Meme’

If you’ve been on the internet for a while, you’ll know the fan-fuelled uproar that occurred when the froggy chair was removed. Why? I’m not quite sure. Fear no more, internet, for the froggy chair is back to fulfill all your meme-filled needs.


There is so much more to see and discover in this new update for the players to explore. Now that the final update has been released, many fans have now begun theorising on the next instalment of the game. Till then, enjoy this jam-packed update will do.