Creating Yourself 

  I bid farewell to the Atlantis above And explored the expanse of the sea I found the sound of my own breath comforting It reminded me that I am...

Photo supplied from Pexels.


I bid farewell to

the Atlantis above

And explored the expanse of the sea

I found

the sound of my own breath comforting

It reminded me that I am alive

I had never felt so alive

Yet so calm

Peaceful, in a trance

Enchanted by the

schools of brightly coloured fish

and the striking coral


Taking a big breath

I watched as the

the bubbles danced to the surface

I swam into an unknown


And deeper

I was interrupted from my trance

Reality greeted me with a sucker punch

I couldn’t stay here forever

As much as I wanted to


The oxygen would run out of the tank

The only thing I could hear

Was my heart exploding


I needed air

It was running out

Black spots in my vision

Sharp pains in my chest

I swam up and broke the stillness

sucked in the pure salty air

I desperately wish I could return

To the schools of brightly coloured fish

and the striking corals

But that was for another day

I had spent too much time

bewitched by the sea

I withdrew to my boat

And watched as the world

crumbled apart like a disaster cake

They should know not to have too much dessert

Or else they’ll become heavy with despair

Greed consuming their hearts and minds

Burdened by their own corruptions


Rotten to the core

But maybe that’s exactly what they want to be

so they can divide and conquer

I had already metamorphosed

into a decent human being

But, some people are like monsters

Contaminated with evil and corruption

Their hearts turn black like charcoal

of the transgressions they commit

I’m disgusted with the drama and dirty politics

The vile decisions people make to get where they want to be


My remedy is the sea

The sea is my escape

My addiction, obsession

without it I would fall apart

Some people are kind and genuine

They have hearts of gold

Their sincere actions reflect their speech

Their speech is like pure honey

It heals wounds and fights radicals


However don’t be fooled

These people have steel cores

If you throw a jab

They won’t be afraid to throw one back

They know their duty in the world

It’s stamped into their minds


To help people

And make the world a better place

What do you want to do with your life?

It’s up to you

Your actions and words can impact thousands of people

Albeit good or bad

That’s your choice

That you have to make

I gazed into the magnificent sunset that touched the horizon

Intense hues of pinks, oranges, blues and greens blended together

As if the sky had been an empty canvas waiting to be splashed with colour


Tea in hand

I sipped out my worries

They flew from the prison of my mind

Like birds that had received their freedom

Tomorrow I will venture into the sea again

With hope of finding something new to discover

Because ultimately all that you can do,

After everything has been done,

is Hope.


Artist Shan Primrose on ‘Dog’s Breakfast’ and people leaving ciggies and condoms as offerings at her exhibition

Burmese-Australian artist showcases her diverse identify through art. ...

Burmese-Australian visual artist from Melbourne, Shan Primrose decided it was time in late November 2021 to honour her dual identity through art when her solo exhibition, Dogs breakfast came to life.

The 26-year-old artist’s craftwork exhibits influences of Australian and 90s cartoon shows from the ABC, in Dog’s Breakfast. “I like colours a lot and I also like monsters; I like painting things that come straight from my imagination,” Primrose says.

Primrose claims she embraces the chaotic union of her two cultures, as well as her two dogs hence the name Dog’s Breakfast, an Aussie slang “used to describe something or someone that looks messy,” according to Insider Guides.

In her ‘Self Portrait 1’, the artist is seen wearing a traditional Burmese Longyi paired with an Aussie bikini and a turban made from an AFL scarf, while holding her two dogs to show harmony between her two cultures. The artist also painted a VB bottle and a bong made from a Gatorade bottle at the bottom of the portrait to pay tribute to the Aussie culture on her father’s side, “it’s funny because my cousin actually has a bong company where he makes ceramic bongs,” she says.


Self Portrait 1: Image supplied by Shan Primrose.


The exhibition also featured a sculpture titled ‘Nat Shrine’ with a note reading, “leave an offering”. Primrose says this was one of her very first sculptures made of recycled timber to imitate Shrines that are found in Burma to house spiritual deities and offerings. The ‘Nat Shrine’ showcases pieces of Australian youth culture, such as the painting of a Burmese deity on a ‘goon sack’ smoking a cigarette and a jug that was stolen from a bar. Primrose explains, “I really wanted an interactive element to my show, so this was perfect, people were leaving me more ciggies, money, condoms and random ID cards,” the artist says.


The Nat Shrine displayed at the exhibition. Image supplied by Shan Primrose.

The Nat Shrine, Image supplied by Shan Primrose

Growing up within the insular suburbs of the Mornington Peninsula sheltered the artist from accepting her Burmese culture for a long time until she moved to the city. “The whole journey of curating this exhibition was all about learning and reclaiming this part of my identity that I was never open to before,” Primrose says.

Primrose looks forward to taking a break from her art for a while for her mental health and moving to Sydney to connect with more artists.