Tapping the potential of solar energy


By Sunila Dixit:


There is no denying the fact that the world is already heading towards global warming and climate change owing to the exploitation of non-renewable resources. While there is no instant solution for this, there is certainly a way to slow down the process of global warming and climate change. The potential of solar energy, highly ignored before, is starting to gain a foothold in the energy business lately. The world has started to see it as a permanent replacement to the energy generated by fossil fuels.

Many nations have started to focus on the solar power production. The government of India has taken up big solar projects recently, expecting to replace the coal produced electricity with a cleaner version. Currently ranked 11th in the world for its solar power generation, the big solar projects are estimated to include India in the top five solar producing countries. Recently Pakistan became the first nation in the world to run its parliament completely on solar power. Funded by the top solar power producing country, China, the Pakistan parliament has set an example for the use of clean and green energy. Australia has a great potential for solar power production due to its geographical location and its climate. It has taken steps in this direction by installing photovoltaic panels in many of its major public buildings.

Solar energy has become a game-changing element in the energy business. Initially it was expensive to produce solar power. However, looking at its long term gains, investors have started supporting solar energy ventures. Besides commercial production, people have also started using it on domestic level. Energy created from fossil fuels has harming effects on nature. It is polluting and carries health risks. Solar power is the cleanest possible form of energy and its of-late large scale production will make it the cheapest source as well. It is high time we started caring about the environment we live in and promoting solar energy.


IMAGE: Andreina Schoeberlein

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