The Tears Of Syria

by | May 21, 2015 | Rest of the World

By Tanika Otton:

They May Wear A Scarf On Top Of Their Head
They Are Being Killed And Left For Dead
The Price That These People Have To Pay
Because They Chose The Islamic Way
They Are People Like Me And You
If That Were Your Family What Would You Do
Would You Label Yourself A Terrorist, I Definitely Think Not
Because You Are Not Them You Have More Than They Have Got
If You Were To Surround Those That Live The Islamic Way
You May Even Find Yourself Reverting One Day
Ignorance Is Bliss Like The Adage Does Say
But When Will One Change Their Way
The Religion Is Not Based On Terrorism And Violence
But Based On That Of Purity, Peace And Silence
So Before You judge Open Up Their Holy Book
Open Up The Quran And Have A Little Look
You May Be Suprised As To What You Do Find
With Peace Flooding Your Heart And Mind
These People Do Not Deserve What They Are Going Through
It Is Time To Make A Stand, Along With You To
It Does Not Matter Where They Come From Just Like You And I They Have A Heart
So It Is Time To Protect The Innocent By Ripping The Evil Apart
The People Of Syria Are Being Murdered Everywhere
Where Is Civilisation And Justice This Is Not Fair
Little Boys And Girls Are Being Stabbed And Shot
Murdered Families Is All They Have Got
Bullets And Knives Going Through An Innocent Soul
Evil And Darkness Covering The World Whole
When You Hear The Innocent Screaming ‘Allah Akbar’
If That Was Your Family What Would You Do And How Far
Where Are The Nations That Will Stand And Fight
Defend These People And Do What Is Right
Labelled Terrorists And Extremists But What Does One Really Know
Just Another Ignorant Fool Because The Media Fed Them So
Murdered And Tortured Children Everywhere
Send This To One Person And Avenge The Unfair
Now I Have One More Question That I Would Like To Ask You
If That Were Your Mother Or Sister Being Raped What Would You Do
Would You Still Sit On That High Pedestal And Not At All Care
Or Would You Go Crazy And Blast The Animals Everywhere
Would You Turn A Blind Eye To What Happened To Your Family
Or Would You Be Retaliating With Fierce Brutality
Would You Do To Them What They Have Done To You
Or Would You Convince Yourself It Is All Untrue
Consider The Facts Before One Starts Pointing A Finger
Spare One Minute To Let The Thoughts Linger
We Have A Government Providing Us With Welfare
They Fight Over A Piece Of Bread Is This Fair
We Have Police Mantaining Order On Our Streets
They Have Bullets Being Shot At Their Feets
If Our Pets Died We Would Be Devastated And Distraught
For Them Their Loved Ones Lives They Have Fought
We Are Horrified Through Such Acts Seen In Movies On Our Television Screens
For Them They Have Witnessed Wives And Children Humilliated By All Means
So In Reading This I Hope That It Has Pondered Your Thought
Not To Believe In Everything That One Has Been Taught
Do Not Believe In All That You Hear And All That Tou See
Think For A Minute “What If This Happened To Me”
So Before You Begin To Judge You Have Only One Option To Choose
Do Not Judge Those Until You Have Walked In Their Shoes

Keep Smiling
Tanika Otton

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