By Ian Escandor, crUWSible editor:

The two camps. Red vs. Blue. Blanket fort vs. pillow fort.
Charmander vs. Squirtle (because who really cared about Bulbasaur).
Despite what your thoughts on the issue are, understand that this is not a debate about which name rolls off the tongue better –
this should be a debate about why we need to change the name
and at what costs. Within the Spring edition of crUWSible, there will be opinions
on the name change and what that really means for us as students.
Besides the name change, it may be in your interests to note down
in your diary the Bankstown Occupation panel (September 23, Bankstown bldg 20, room 1.07, 10.30am), which will explore the history behind one of Sydney’s largest student movements and will also shed light on how a system built on marketing
and perception has shaped the way universities prioritise their budget (sound familiar?). In a time where neo-liberal ideals
are shaping our universities, and corporations are controlling the media – the CrUWSible would like to thank the students who have spared what little time they have between assessments and Orange Is The New Black for contributing. It is your time and effort
that keeps the crUWSible ‘for the students and by the students’
… because we would all hate to see it written for the interests of the elite and by the elite – or else fucked up things might happen
like 20 million dollars being invested into one big marketing scheme other than being invested into the wellbeing of the students.

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