Visit Nepal and help rebuild community


By Sakesh Karanjit:

Visit Nepal for community trekking, tours and adventures with an added reason now. Visit Nepal to help, visit Nepal to bring back the smiles for people of earthquake-affected areas. In short, visit Nepal to help rebuild it.

I was really scared by this earthquake yesterday but now I am even stronger and I believe all Nepalese feel the same. The ground shook, houses shook, temples shook, everything of physical matter around me shook, but the thing that this earthquake couldn’t shake was that belief that we can rebuild this beautiful country together in even more beautiful and stronger ways.

Around Langtang region, the most affected area, in my view, what we can do now is building houses with extra room for tourists where tourists can experience home stay trekking rather than traditional hotel experiences. This type of travelling appeals to adventurous tourists and is likely to help and support earthquake victims too. There are also many treks that are unaffected by the quake. The popular Annapurna Circuit is still accessible and did not suffer much damage.

Tourism is an inseparable and growing part of the Nepali economy, and one that the international community can affect directly. If you love Nepal then come here and you need to spread the word saying, “Consider visiting Nepal on your holidays”.

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