Western Fair is where its at

by | Sep 25, 2019 | Campus News

Western Fair is the most engaging and diverse event celebrated at all campuses at Western Sydney University. It is celebrated twice a year, once marking the start of the autumn season in March and once after the starting of the Spring season, in August.

The event features stalls from various student clubs including all the cultural clubs, gaming societies, and academic societies. A lot of student services and programs are arranged across the fair which enables new students to make friends and get comfortable in a new environment. It also features a lot of games to keep that leisure factor intact, free food samples and tastings to satisfy your taste buds and of course you get to groove to some hippy beats with very own Western Sydney’s live DJ.

Western fair is all about connecting with and supporting both commencing and returning students in their university and is always a fantastic opportunity for each and every student on campus to reach out and engage with the student groups and services available to them. You can even sign up as a new member for any club you like and find out about their upcoming events and see what is on offer in the wider university community.

Majority of the students attend this fair twice a year and have mostly found it very engaging, diverse and informative.

“Western Fair is a diverse event, you get to eat free food, free goodies, meeting friends and catching up with long-lost friends, and literally getting out of stress,” says Anushwriya Sritharan, a student at Western Sydney University.

Another student, Bonnie Tang, pursuing her master’s degree at Parramatta South Campus says that she has been attending Western Fair every year and believe that it’s all about engaging with other students and clubs. “I attend Western Fair every year and it gets better every time. People coming together along with all the clubs gives a great vibe altogether”, says Bonnie.

Whether you are coming for some free food, or to make some new friends, it gets better every time, so make sure to keep an eye out for the next Western Fair dates.

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