Western Sydney University students run a bake sale to raise money for charity

Jacob Chan (pictured left), Sophie Pozzato (pictured middle), Michaela Rattos (pictured right), selling a cupcake to a customer. Photo: Alicia Dean.

Three Western Sydney University (WSU) students gathered their baking skills for a heartwarmimg cause, supporting Northcott Disability Services. Sophia Pozzato, who studies a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Business, was one of the three students who helped run this bake sale.

“We raised just under $500 within three hours of selling cakes! Our baking skills were better than we expected,” she said.

Pozzato was joined by Michaela Rattos, who also studies a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Business, and Jacob Chan, studying a Bachelor of Business.

The three students set up a table full of homemade sweets, including cookies, caramel slices, cupcakes and chocolate crackles. They were selling for a price ranging between $2 and $3.

This endeavour arose from a sports management assignment for a class they studied together at the Parramatta City campus, where they were tasked to create an event to raise money for Northcott. Opting for a bake sale, they believed it would be the most efficient way to raise money where each member could contribute meaningfully.

Northcott was established in 1929 and is one of Australia’s largest not-for-profit disability service organisations, providing personalised services to over 13,500 people annually. Northcott has a longstanding partnership with WSU starting in 2020, working together to upskill, retrain, and employ displaced workers rapidly.

WSU provides continuous support and encourages students to raise money for Northcott. Over the last 14 years, WSU has raised over $185,000 for Northcott through fundraisers.

This bake sale is just one of the many examples where students took the initiative to provide positive community support to an fantastic organisation.

“Honestly, we were expecting just to break even. We didn’t have high hopes for our baking skills, but the sweets turned out to be a hit!” Chan said.

Over three hours, the students’ bake sale drew in around 50 customers. Some people even stopped by to donate without making a purchase. One generous lady donated $50. She said she was just glad to see students taking the time to organise and run such an event for a fantastic cause. 

With the students raising a total amount of approximately $650, the bake sale had shown to be a success. This figure was much more than expected, as they only had around $400 in sweets to sell.

The students attribute a significant portion of their success to people simply passing by to leave a donation. All the funds raised went directly to Northcott. Through the joy of baking, these students demonstrated the power of collective effort for a noble cause.

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