What is an Ally ?


By Marija Yelavich:

An Ally is a volunteer (staff or student) from the Western Sydney University community who is committed to cultural change and who provides support to LGBTIQ community members at the University.

University Allies:

  • can be identified by the display of an official Ally sticker or Ally pin;
  • provide a welcoming and confidential ‘safe zone’ for LGBTIQ staff and students;
  • demonstrate leadership in the areas of respect and inclusion for LGBTIQ staff and students;
  • practice respectful, accepting and non-homophobic language and behaviour that is in keeping with our policy work towards increasing the acceptance of diverse sexualities and genders;
  • develop and promote a greater understanding of the LGBTIQ community;
  • promote a community that includes and embraces diverse sexualities and gender;
  • work to dismantle homophobia and heterosexism;
  • commit to making positive changes within the University; and

attend Ally Network meetings.

MEET YOUR PARRAMATTA CAMPUS STUDENT ALLY: Christine Cardona and Marija Yelavich

Marija is a fourth year student studying B Laws and B International Studies, with B Critical Thinking and Leadership. She has been an active student representative since 2013 and is committed to creating a safer University environment for all students. Visit Marija in the PSSC Office in EA.G.35

Christine is a Economics and Law student at WSU and also the Queer Officer and Women’s Officer at Campbelltown campus.

Christine became an ALLY because it was a way that she could further assist fellow LGBTIQ+ students settle in at WSU by removing the isolation and help them feel visible and welcome.

The ALLY network strives to accomplish this by promoting a greater understanding of diverse genders and sexualities and inclusion of  LGBTIQ+ students and staff at WSU.

Both Christine and Marija completed the ALLY Training in May 2016.

All students are welcome to read more about ALLY in the Parramatta Student Campus Office in EA.G.35. The room now features an ALLY Wall Glossary that aims to educate students and staff. Also, in EA.G.33, everyone is welcome to the safe space: Queer Space that aims to provide a communal area of support.

To find out the contact details of all your University ALLY members, follow the link:


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