Whine and Wine Poetry Slam October 17


Looking to see the diverse talents of your peers on Parramatta campus? With similar taste to the events run on Kingswood Campus earlier this year, the poets of the Western Sydney Women’s Collective and the performers of the Western Sydney Queer Collective have teamed up with the Parramatta Music Club to provide entertainment to the people of Parramatta! 

The Whine and Wine poetry slam/performance night shall be held at the Boilerhouse on Parramatta South campus on October 17th from 6pm-8pm (doors open and music performance begins at 5). This event features poets from the Woman’s Collective and provides a buffet and a selection of wines to keep the merriness flowing.

Whine and Wine will also feature songwriter Maxwelle-Jane Dwyer, president of the Queer Collective in Parramatta, as well as Delilah Von-Tramp, the Marrickville-based drag performer of the Queer Collective most recently starring in the Real Housewives of Marrickville. The event will also feature a selection of talents from the Parramatta Music Club and is not to be missed! 

Whine & Wine will be collaborating with THE PLOT, presented by Cattleyard Promotions. THE PLOT will feature 30 + emerging artists across three stages and is a celebration of inclusively, diversity and discovery. It is part garden party, part playground for local creative types and includes a spread of tasty treats. Above all it is a place for music lovers of all ages to come together and discover a diverse range of live acts. 

 THE PLOT will feature a couple of surprise appearances from the Women’s Collective and Queer Collective – make sure you watch out for them at the event! Every poet at the Whine & Wine event will receive a ticket the THE PLOT plus there will be a bunch of giveaways on the night so anyone with an appreciation of music or the literary arts should definitely come along. 

Maxwelle-Jane is a second semester B Business (ABL)/B Laws student on Parramatta campus. She is currently president of the Western Sydney Queer Collective in Parramatta and is a current member of the Western Sydney Women’s Collective.

Maxwelle-Jane Dwyer

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