WSU Liberal Club responds to leadership change


By Andrew Walker on behalf of Western Sydney U Liberal Club:
The Western Sydney University Liberal Club welcomes the election of Malcolm Turnbull to the leadership of the Federal Liberal Party and the role of Prime Minister. We would also like to Thank Tony Abbott for his contribution as Prime Minister. Tony Abbott’s Government had numerous success stories including cutting the mining and carbon taxes, the signing of several free trade agreements and bringing illegal immigration under control,

What does a Turnbull Government bring? A Turnbull Prime Ministership aligns the Liberal party closer to the vision of its founder and Australia’s longest serving PM Sir Robert Menzies. It brings with it a renewed approach of bringing people together, consulting their views and explaining effectively the issues this great country of ours is facing. We will also see a new focus for the economy, to make Australia flourish by being more innovative, productive and agile which will enable 21st Century jobs to develop as we adapt to the technological and environmental impacts around us. Malcolm Turnbull provides new hope for Classical Liberals that there will be more potential for advancement on the Environmental and social policy. We can expect to see more women in the Cabinet as well as in the Ministry when it is unveiled next week.

As for education reform the Western Sydney University Liberal club has always been a passionate advocate against the student tax that is the SSAF. We hope to see this student tax abolished under more moves the new leadership team. The debt is incurred per semester under the SSAF is used poorly at most universities poorly with little to no consultation with a student body. Student politicians at many Universities have not always served students best interests with the funds. A return to a voluntary system where each student has the ability to spend the money as they see fit for services payments would be better than the current arrangement.


By Andrew Walker on behalf of Western Sydney U Liberal Club:

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