ZPLUTO takes over Western Sydney’s Ones To Watch Showcase

by | Aug 23, 2022 | Entertainment, Off Campus, Western Sydney

ZPLUTO poses in a green light

ZPLUTO will bring his musical talent to the Ones To Watch showcase this week. Photo: Supplied

Live Nation’s Ones To Watch Showcase hits Parramatta’s Albion Hotel on Thursday 25 August. The showcase is part of the inaugural SOUND WEST festival, a week-long celebration of music and technology, highlighting Western Sydney’s talent. The showcase will see the works of ZPLUTO, who is bound to ignite a flame of excitement from audiences and become moved by his electric mix of music.

ZPLUTO’s laid back energy is mixed with a fiery combination of hip-hop, pop and alternative sounds to deliver a noticeable impact in the Australian music scene. Born in New Zealand, the musical talent is now making waves across Australia with a particularly strong presence in Western Sydney.

ZPLUTO is eager to get back on stage on Thursday night, ready to bring his electric presence into the heart of Parramatta. ZPLUTO will be performing alongside artists Shanae and ESHAAN.

“I can’t wait to reconnect with fans, show them my new tunes, bring that energy to show the people what ZPLUTO is all about,” he says.

“It’s crazy working with Live Nation on this campaign, I feel blessed to be a part of it.”

The SOUND WEST festival is giving an opportunity for the talent of Western Sydney to unite. A region that has been previously bound by stereotypes, the event is a cause for celebration of dynamics and representation of the area.

“I see the stereotype slowly changing to be honest. There’s always more to do in terms of the representation of BIPOC Artists on their come up in Australia, but Western Sydney is so diverse, it’s a melting pot of creatives finding and developing their style,” says ZPLUTO.

“It’s what I’m doing and it’s what Shanae and ESHAAN are doing. We are all just out here trying to better ourselves and the culture. It’s just time for the wider Australian music industry to look inwards at what’s going on under their noses, rather than trying to create carbon copies of what they’ve seen work internationally before. Individuality is everything to me, and it should be for people who care about music too.”

ZPLUTO appreciates the diverse field of artists that the industry brings. Collaboration and support are at the heart of his musical journey, taking the time to recognise fellow artists around him that he sees making changes across the music scene.

“I like what BBGB are doing at the moment. BLESSED, Kwame, BWise, Manu, Spacely – those dudes are fire. Seriously. I’m also a massive fan of what A.GIRL’s doing. She’s a mega talent.”

Ones To Watch showcases have previously been held across the country, an opportunity for music enthusiasts and industry professionals to connect and discover their new favourite artists. As an up-and-coming music scene, ZPLUTO enjoys being immersed in Western Sydney’s rich culture and is grateful for the support he has received particularly in the region.

“I love linking with people after my shows, it’s so revealing. Like, people actually listen to my art. We’ll always find a way to connect.”

The SOUND WEST Music + Tech Festival will see technology, music, creativity and learning come to life in a week-long program from August 20 to 28. Held in vibrant Parramatta, the week is sure to offer something for everyone, where the Ones to Watch showcase is just one of over 35 curated sessions, from keynote addresses to workshops and performances.

ZPLUTO’s performance is not to be missed as Western Sydney comes to life as a powerhouse of diverse musical talent. You can find out more about the SOUNDWEST festival here.

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