Become the next NCP Alumni Ambassador for 2019-20


Having studied, lived and worked within the Indo-Pacific region on seven different occasions as part of my bachelor’s degree, I was eager to share with others my deeply engrained passion for international engagement upon my return home.


Andrew Phong with Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne.

Being the 2018-19 New Colombo Plan (NCP) Alumni Ambassador for Western Sydney University as appointed by Asialink Business and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, I had the luxury of highlighting my experiences and learnings gained with fellow students and potential employers at a series of exclusive events across the country.

By receiving training from expert leaders in performance as part of the program during my final year of study has truly been the cherry on top of what has proven to be an amazing couple of years. The exposure and access to resources made available to me have been limitless. Not only did I have the chance to converse with so many distinguished professionals but also, I was able to receive sound advice and genuine contacts through the unprecedented support that the program provides.

I felt empowered to further develop my unique capabilities gained through overseas engagement which has resulted in both professional and personal advancement. Your voice matters and as an NCP Alumni Ambassador, you have one of the strongest platforms in promoting the benefits of global engagement while also enhancing your personal brand and professional network.

The Indo-Pacific is a dynamic and exciting region that will no doubt remain increasingly relevant to us all as we move towards an abrupt shift in global influence. I encourage everyone who has embarked on an NCP experience to consider in applying to become Western Sydney University’s next Alumni Ambassador for 2019-2020. You’ll be surprised by who you’ll get to meet and what can be achieved.

Applications are open from Monday 19th August up until Friday 13th of September. For more information and how to apply, please visit this link.

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