Top 5 movie makeup collaborations that have taken the makeup industry by storm

by | Sep 27, 2019 | Culture Vulture

In 2019, makeup has taken over the world. A $445 billion-dollar enterprise, according to Forbes, is luring customers through pretty packaging based on popular movies and cult-classic favourites.

Movie/makeup collaborations have become a significant trend with makeup artists and amateurs creating looks inspired by their favourite movies. Collaborations, such as the ones below more often than not sell out instantly. As an avid makeup lover, I understand the temptation to purchase movie-inspired/themed makeup simply for the aesthetic even if it doesn’t get used. Makeup creators have hit a goldmine.

Here are five of the most popular movie makeup collaborations:

Urban Decay X Game of Thrones

The collection originally dropped on April 13 this year, during GOT’s final season. Given the show’s popularity, the eyeliners, eye shadow palette, lipsticks, and even the $250 beauty vault sold out instantly.


MAC X Aladdin

This collaboration could not have come at a better time, with Disney’s live action Aladdin hitting theatres three weeks before this collection launched. Disney fans went into a frenzy. The magical story of Aladdin inspired MAC to create a range that appealed to all makeup lovers with beautifully designed packaging and high-quality makeup with the entire set selling for $310.


Cover Girl X Hunger games

The Hunger Games book and film franchise was the next biggest hit after Harry Potter. Cover Girl released their Capitol collection in 2013, following the series’ success with 12 appearances inspired by the districts in The Hunger Games. Celebrity makeup artist, Dotti, used the themes to create looks inspired by the films. The entire beauty vault was valued at approximately $300.


Ulta Beauty X Avengers

Marvel comics were traditionally marketed at young men. Ulta Beauty decided to launch a collaboration for female fans and it was as super as it sounds. The collection was perfect for the beauty-loving Avengers fanatics. This was priced at $200.


MAC X Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton is well known for his colourful, creative and adventurous films, including Disney’s live action Alice in Wonderland. MAC created a collection inspired by the film with vibrant makeup and topsy-turvy packaging, which, as a whole, sold for $120.



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